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PATD Spencer

Spencer Smith, yo!

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Hey Guys, welcome to PATDSpencer, a community about Spencer Smith, Drummer for Panic! At The Disco.

Everyone is welcome to Join, and everyone is welcome to post.
You may post new graphics, old graphics, any graphics, icons, news, or whatever in relation to PATD or Spencer.
Please try not to pry into his personal life, we have to respect Spencer too, you know.


1. You may post what you want, but please try not to bash Spencer, and please try not to pry into his life.
2. You may list facts that you recently learned about Spencer and PATD, but if it has been posted before, chances are that they will not be posted again.
3. You may post about encounters with Spencer or PATD, or even concert reviews or interviews.
4. You may post Icons, Graphics, Backgrounds, etc. Please put them under a cut if it's more than 3 items, though, to save other viewers from having to scroll down so much.

More rules to be added as they come along.

Please promote this community as much as you can, as well as the other PATD Communities.
Official Panic Livejournal, patd
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PATD SPENCER patdspencer


Credit for layout goes to alina_crystal
This site is moderated by suchaprettylie

Questions? email me at winnie@thedisco.us !!